Le calque rebelle


Réalisé par GUENAELLE



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1. cheap mac makeup (site web) 30/06/2012

The first nail in her brand, she launched her unique nail view: high saturated colors, and bold colors coupled with a lasting shine in the sunlight, will look more elegant and feminine fingers." Based on this direction, the world's top professional make-up brand of MAC Cosmetics together Jin Soon Choi conducted in-depth research and development,mac concealer combined with MAC False Eyelash trends autumn and winter 2009 fashion, which developed a new limited-edition MAC NAIL TREND wave of a paint color Oil series. The entire series, including six rich colors, depth gradient opaque color, and a bright nail polish nail care, make nails look more plump and glossy, as if a delicate and moving, "nail accessories"!

2. poussine-etiennette (site web) 09/02/2009

de bien jolies réalisations...
on en demande encore!

3. zabou/isa (site web) 05/02/2009

il aurait été dommage de ne pas le terminer celui là : bravo miss !!!!

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